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just waste of time and money? Uniform function, so it is not that reliable. Anywhere else I can find some function or data on what kind of distribution we can expect for average daily or monthly return? But, of course, this is just static probability distribution, and there is no guarantee it is genuine. VxTPcI7HHu5w t12s, so really, the gist of what I'm asking is, how do you respond to these results, as you claim them to be unrealistic? I was wondering if it's possible to find some source zitate Forex in Echtzeit of a possible probability distribution for monthly returns, for average or exceptional traders even (besides those who make like 100 returns and stuff). My friend's father has a very high net worth (40m and my friend claims that the initial millions his father made was through trading the forex market (keep in mind the father had very little starting capital, coming from a poor background). I work full time as a data analysis, and I've done some analysis and backtesting of forex and stock markets on my spare time.

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If one can adhere to this criteria for sufficiently long time, like maybe 10 years, seems like rate of return can be high. And to be honest, I have yet to find something good enough to use - despite a lot of effort the last two years. This sounds very contrary to what I keep seeing on this subreddit, with many of you claiming that any significant returns are unsustainable and unrealistic. 154, online, your Forex Trading community! Is anyone in here really trading for a living? I used Python's random. I'm asking because I want to give it a try, but I don't want to put the needed time and money into it as long as I'm not sure of it's even possible. Discuss trade setups, fundamentals, technicals, and other trading topics.