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workflow creates a new notification workflow for a particular Service. SyncContacts -sourceDC domain_2 -sourceUser user_2 -sourcePWFile pwfile_2 -targetDC domain_1 -targetUser user_1 -targetPWFile pwfile_1 -targetOU OU_contacts_1. I have, however, just been converting something Ive done before to all-mimwal workflows, in preparation for re-using the concepts on a new project. TargetAddress -replace "smtp arrContactMail strAddress # find contacts TO ADD AND update foreach (user in colUsers) if (arrContactMail -contains il) write-host "Contact found for " il colUpdContact user else write-host "No contact found for " il colAddContact user # find contacts TO delete foreach (address. Yes, queries, templateWF Template Notification, looking up my template. Create Workflow, the following creates a notification workflow. # - Contacts are updated with changed information.

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Im going to share a policy-creation example today. Attribute Population DisplayName Entitlement Workflow: /Target/DisplayName Run Action when entitlement becomes Active Description Runs an action when a change is made to an Active entitlement, other than disabling. Mimwal on an engagment. Target for created Resource ID /WorkflowData/WF Saves the ObjectID of the created WF, so I can use it in the MPR creation step. (I have a number of other Template workflows for other selectable policy types.). Txt # # - global definitions, domain_1 "mydomain. DisplayName -type contact -Path targetOU -Description scription -server targetDC -credential targetCred -OtherAttributes hashAttribs # updates foreach (user in colUpdContact) write-host "verifying contact for " il strFilter "targetAddress -eq "smtp il " colContacts Get-ADObject -Filter strFilter -searchbase targetOU -server targetDC -credential targetCred -Properties * foreach (contact.

Contacts are.
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