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5 most predictable currency pairs. I remain bearish on EUR/USD, italy remains a drag on the euro-zone and the USD is a safe-haven currency. On the topside,.1915 was the January low, and it is followed by the round number.2000 that looks more distant now. The greenback continues enjoying elevated, albeit not rising US bond yields. The leaders of the European Union, which still includes the UK are convening for a planned summit, with Brexit being the main issue.

Most European markets are off due to the Labor Day holiday. We will now get the data for August. If Trump still stays in the deal, officially known as the jcpoa, the US Dollar could extend its rally. The greenback still enjoys momentum the momentum and the attention on yields.

Even lower.1825 was a swing low in December and is next in line. The upcoming week features. Too hot or too cold? The low so far has been.1882 at the time of writing. The 10-year yield, the global benchmark, topped.03. The US President is expected to announce the scrapping of the deal by the US by not waiving the sanctions for another 180 days. 1.1815 was the high point in September. . The world is watching the Fed.

In the euro-zone, Germanys trade balance and industrial output beat expectations. A less colorful pattern is a steep downward channel, demonstrated by the thick black lines on the chart. Tech Targets: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/JPY October. The relentless rise in US bond yields continues dominating the scene ahead of Draghi. Trading conditions will improve later on as US traders start their day.