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working. Pre-reqs, the only pre-requisite here is that youll have to download and install. Create a Document Library, the first time, you must create a document library to store your aspx files. I thought I need to figure out how to do that! It doesnt matter what layout we pick as were actually going to over-write all the aspx it generates. Open Sharepoint Designer 2007. I installed it on my dev FIM server and was able to modify both the dev and prod servers from there. Both comments and trackbacks are currently closed. Habt ihr schon den Artikel bei n-tv "Gesellschaft bröckelt"Generation Mitte" lebt gut - und sorgt sich" gelesen?

To achieve this you have to add aspx pages to the FIM site. You can add external links to the FIM Portal. Heres the aspx content. How much nicer to have it work like this: So you know this is unsupported, right? Not sure if I should be worried or not! Click, file - Open Site and then enter the URL of your FIM Portal. Just change the link to the one you actually want possibly not the Dr Who page @ Page masterpagefile"masterurl/ster" language"C arePoint, Version, Cultureneutral, meta:progid"cument" UICulture"auto" Culture"auto" @ Register Tagprefix"SharePoint" Assembly"arePoint, Version, Cultureneutral, @ Register Tagprefix"Utilities" Namespace"arePoint. It may be you have to re-add the pages again well see.

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