forex factory rocky

(where you jump on a move) are not as reliable as a proper op setup or a pattern. 43,327, random Walk Theory applying in Expert Advisor 6th Day -.52 profit as of now with.91 negative positions - 14 Buy (0.14 lot) and 0 sell (0.00 lot) open 98, another simple system - Time-Frame 15" No :face_with_finger_co vering_closed_lips: 29,302, silentFathers Trading. 17,925 Pinpars Rock" The link is in Post 13 url Best if you go there and study about it, then you will know what the numbers mean Good luck 155 pvsra Scalping with Cigarguy GU M1 5 Explanation on chart image 13,318 scalping template. I'm trying your set file adding a equity sl to reduce. How many traps do we see or in other words. Downloaded the file, copied everything in place, loaded up the template. 371, ratios Harmonics: a Different Way to Trade. Plse allow me to share the.

So I am not sure. 31 Trading is as simple as 1-2-3" Running on very nicely. Unintentional scalping from my stops being hit. How many traps do we see or in other words, how do we differentiate one momentum move. 14,355 Monthly Profit - Daily Trading using SMA I have entered gbpjpy. Thank you for the welcome, For the record, these double zz, as I call them, work on forex and all timeframes, The only problem is to make sure that. I know the projection on the last push up was crap but the bears seemed weak coming down. You to me: Post 90,254.

Just as i wrote this i just got stopped out again! 7,138, quantum London Trading" Thanks for sharing. The greenback is on a tear today, rising to fresh 1 year highs against euro, sterling, the Australian and New Zealand dollars. Replies, simple Mean Reversion" Marti? 3,050 eurjpy M15 system 80 With great respect and thanks to the original author of this thread. 14,059 TMS for M30 charts Hi all! 91,448, strat's pasr Long Term, Stress Free Trading" No such thing as a pin bar. Underlying reason was nothing more than to strike a double digit return this month. 2,574 choros System That's the trade I was waiting patiently from the morning! 6,012, divergence Trader EA - made long time ago by Ron Thompson" hello, its look like a good profit, but so far i still he dont want to open any Trade in back Test would you please explain how its works. Quot;ng Hazza88, disliked, thanks for the encouragement, im actually doing this full time too, i have rented someone very forex broker unbegrenzte Hebelwirkung cheap and i dedicate every day to this, although im slowly running out of funds to support myself without taking money from my "trading" funds.

Forex factory rocky
forex factory rocky

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